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 महाराष्ट्र राज्य साहित्य आणि संस्कृती मंडळ  New

 महाराष्ट्र राज्य साहित्य आणि संस्कृती मंडळाकडून प्रकाशित ४४४ पुस्तके ई-बुक स्वरूपात वाचकांसाठी प्रथम प्राधान्याने उपलब्ध करून देण्याचा एक महत्वकांक्षी प्रकल्प मंडळाने हाती घेतला आहे. आपण ई-बुक हे खालील दिलेल्या प्रारूप (format) मध्ये डाऊनलोड करू शकता.! https://msblc.maharashtra.gov.in/download1.html


 नविन पुस्तके  New
पर्जन्य नूतन विचार  -- बापट, दामोदर भास्कर 
जीवेशकर्मसिद्धांत किंवा सप्रयोग आत्मज्ञान --  बापट, दामोदर भास्कर
माझे प्रवासाची हकिकत किंवा रोजनिशी  - जोशी, गोविंद बाबाजी 
प्राचीन मराठी कोरीव लेख - तुळपुळे ,शं.गो.


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Announcement of hosted Library Information System Software as a Service

Granthalaya.org and Anant Corporation ( www.anantcorp.com ) are very pleased to announce general availability of Koha hosting on granthalaya.org server located in VPM, Thane ( www.vpmthane.org ) datacenter.
For libraries, the major benefit of this offering is, they don't have to install and maintain a library software server in premises and have a internet leased line link to it to provide an updated Online Public Access Catalouge ( OPAC). They can simply host the entire library management software with granthalaya.org and work with it in a secure manner using a simple browser over internet. It is as simple as hosting your website at a shared hosting service provider but here you get a complete web based library management software from which you can do all your day to day library functions like member management, circulation, fees, new book acquisitions, barcode printing, stock taking etc.

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